The Fitness Evolution Training program is designed for all fitness levels, sexes and ages. Discover the fastest way fire up your metabolism for new fitness gains and amazing full body results! Experience this unique program that combines strength and muscle toning using tools such as kettlebells, heavy ropes, TRX Suspension rings, body bars and dumbbells to give you a workout never before experienced.


Get these results:


  • Train muscles you never thought you had
  • Slash body fat
  • Get personalized attention
  • Lose inches around your waist
  • Tone and shape your entire body

Class Instructor:

join fitness evolutionMargaret founder and creator of Fitness Evolution has been training at some of New York City's premier fitness clubs since 2006. She uses her successful athletic background to make all of her workouts unique and challenging. Margaret trained for 10 years as a competitive track and field athlete. In 1992, she placed 2nd in Europe for the 800 meter dash. Margaret is very well-rounded, training a range of people from kids to high-profile clients. After receiving her Master's Degree in Sports and Recreation in Poland, she spent over 5 years teaching physical education at the junior and highschool level.



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